Celebrate the beauty of science on the biggest screen in town with five stunning movies Mar. 3–April 9, 2023

Omnifest, the beloved Science Museum movie tradition, is back! Watch five stunning movies on the Omnitheater’s giant screen from March 3 through April 9, 2023.

This film festival is like no other, featuring larger-than-life treks through unknown corners of Earth and playdates with nature’s cutest creatures.

During Omnifest, you’ll learn how scientists rescue endangered orangutans and elephants, explore 30 of the nation’s most spectacular landscapes, meet the world’s boldest four-legged heroes, witness the phenomena of camouflage among the backdrop of the Amazon rainforest, and so much more. Back-to-back showings every day mean you can choose one or two, or even see all five in one day!

Keep track of your adventures with this year's Omnifest Passport. Collect stamps for each movie and redeem it for a prize at our Explore Store! Download the passport below or pick up a copy at our Member desk.

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National Parks Adventure

Showing March 3–April 9, 2023
Travel back in time with President Theodore Roosevelt and conservationist John Muir as they imagine a vast national parks system.

Born to be Wild

Showing March 3–June 10, 2023
Follow along with the scientists rescuing and raising orphaned orangutans and elephants through the lush landscapes of Kenya and Borneo.

Superpower Dogs

Showing March 3–April 9, 2023
Meet the real-life heroes who walk (and bark) among us who’ve been called upon to save lives under ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

Amazon Adventure

Showing March 3–April 9, 2023
The epic true story of explorer Henry Bates’ 11-year journey through one of the world’s most stunning and biodiverse landscapes.

Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker

Showing Jan. 1–April 9, 2023
Connect with some of nature’s most unique, curious, and playful animals in this epic quest to save one of the world’s endangered species.