A child holding a tube with mits on during a science presentation

Outreach Programs

Bring the wonders of science up-close with interactive, fun experiments run by expert educators through assemblies, residencies and family events.

How to book an outreach event

Fill out the form. For questions or for help in filling out the form, please contact our registration team at (651) 221-4748 or email us at schooloutreach@smm.org.

Invoices will be sent upon completion of your program(s).

Health and safety

In accordance with the CDC, masking is not required for school programs in counties with low case rates and high vaccinations. Since our assembly programs gather large numbers of students together, we will ask that schools share with us the dimensions of the room(s) and what details you know about your air handling. 

If conditions warrant it, we may ask that students wear masks during our programs