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Online STEM Education

Science is for everyone

Teachers and educators, you’re the best at encouraging the next generation to explore the wonders of the world and discover science they’re passionate about. 

Whether you’re teaching in-person, online, or at home, the Science Museum of Minnesota can provide resources like curriculum support, professional development, and online content to help you do what you do best: educate!  

Explore science up close with interactive lessons

We strive to advance science literacy on a broad range of topics—from engineering and computer science to paleontology and climate—because we envision a world where everyone has the power to use science to make lives better.

The Science Museum of Minnesota provides both free and paid resources for K-12 learners to explore science and spark a lifelong passion for STEM.

These online learning opportunities bring our collections, research, and exhibits together for educators to incorporate into their learning environments. While they’re designed for classroom teachers, homeschooling parents and informal educators are welcome to use them too.

Interactive Lessons

Designed by our museum educators, these virtual sessions are highly engaging and tied to academic standards. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, they are provided free of charge this school year.

Child enjoying an engineering activity.
Engineer It: Solving Problems Together


Tag along with an engineer as they use nature to design possible solutions for a noisy problem.

Dr. Alex Hastings peers through the skull of a triceratops.
Dino Discovery


A student-paced introduction to the nature of science using the wonder of dinosaurs to make discoveries like a scientist.

Close-up of T-rex teeth.
Dino Dentist


A student-paced exploration into fossils and what they have to teach us about dinosaurs.

A collage of a diverse set of faces.
RACE: Are We So Different Virtual Exhibit Experience


Take a cultural and scientific look at race throughout history and discover the many reasons we should celebrate our differences and embrace our shared histories.

Omnitheater Movie Virtual Field Trips

Combine groundbreaking movies, hands-on activities, and bonus videos to bring a one-of a-kind virtual experience to your students.

A silhouette of a person with symbols of engineering marvels, like skyscrapers and bridges.
Dream Big

Elementary - High School

From the Great Wall of China to underwater robots, and smart, sustainable cities, celebrate the human ingenuity and the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.

Landscape photo of a mountain.
National Parks Adventure

Grades 3-5

The ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation’s untamed wilderness in places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. Learn about natural sciences like geology, biology and ecology.

Additional Resources

A drawing of a diatom.
Science is learning toolkit


Downloadable science materials, coloring pages, and activities for all ages that are created to help you and your students turn on the science together.

Three kids gluing paper to plastic cups.
Learn from Home


Find engaging information about paleontology, engineering, math, and other science topics to help develop your lesson plans or share directly with students.

Someone in an IDEAL Center program carrying out an experiment with flower pedals.
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Leadership Professional Development


Together, we’re making a difference! By supporting teachers, principals, and district leaders, we are helping achieve systemic changes in educational systems.

Lending Library


The Lending Library is home to a rich collection of STEM curricular materials including models, specimens, lab equipment, probes and sensors, microscopes, math manipulatives, activity guides, and media.

A teacher talking to a student.
Standards Database


We directly support what you are teaching in the classroom. Search our database to connect our exhibits, programs, and resources to Minnesota Academic Standards by grade level.