William L. McKnight - 3M Omnitheater

Explore science on the biggest screen in town—the William L. McKnight - 3M Omnitheater! This huge domed screen displays all kinds of stories featuring the wonders of space, volcanoes, physics, nature, and more.

Empty Omnitheater

Omnifest 2023

March 3-April 9, 2023

Five epic movies, one giant screen! With five different films running back-to-back daily, Omnifest is a celebration of the biggest screen in town.

Stellar Tours Live Digital Telescope Show

daily at 2 p.m.
Choose your own space adventure and experience the Omnitheater’s new Digistar 7 projection system.

Omnitheater Extras

Ready, Set, Action!

Take your Omnitheater movie viewing to the next level with Omnitheater Extras!, our exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, fun facts, and more. Grab some popcorn and settle in with an all-new Omnitheater experience.

A family watching videos on their laptop.