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The Living Sea

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The Living Sea is available for purchase or rental through the button above, and it's currently streaming for free on Amazon (with an Amazon Prime account).

The Living Sea celebrates the beauty and wonder of the ocean. It explores our relationship with this complex and fragile environment. It’s like The Little Mermaid without the talking fish. Or the mermaids. Actually, forget that; it’s not really like The Little Mermaid. It’s more like a beautiful large-screen film filled with amazing underwater photography.

If you need any further convincing, here’s Ellen O’Connor’s review (Ellen is the museum’s Program Manager for the William L. McKnight Omnitheater, so if anyone’s an expert on giant-screen films, it’s her!):

“The story of the world’s oceans, The Living Sea is a serene look at ocean life, some of which we have never seen before. The film focuses on our interconnection with the ocean and the life there. The music by Sting is iconic and the narration by Meryl Streep makes for a longtime favorite giant screen film of mine. The jellyfish of the Palau Islands is the most memorable scene, particularly when seen on a giant dome screen*.”

*Author’s note: Since giant dome screens are largely off limits at the moment, maybe you can get the same effect by putting on your dad’s glasses and sitting super close to the TV**

**Author’s note on author’s note: Don’t do this. It will hurt your precious eyeballs and you’ll probably get a headache. And it will block the screen for the rest of your family, who just want to look at those pretty jellyfish.