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National Parks Adventure

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National Parks Adventure is available for purchase or rental through the button above, and it's currently streaming for free on Netflix!

National Parks Adventure is like an at-home tour of some of our wildest and most beautiful National Parks, with stops in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and more! I’ve seen this one, and I originally thought that I didn’t like the young adventurers that the film follows . . . and then I realized that what I was feeling was bitter jealousy. I’m too weak and cowardly to try ice-climbing—which they do—or extreme mountain biking–which they also do. (At one point a character sits on a rock and does a bad job sketching something, which is pretty much my speed. So at least there’s that.) Let these lucky, brave folks show you the national parks, and make plans to go visit them yourselves when we can all go out into the world again! Oh, it’s also narrated by Robert Redford, the old Sundance Kid himself. That’s fun.

For more learning-at-home resources and related fun activities, check out the film’s educator guide linked below. You can also visit the film’s website for related educational resources.

If you need any further convincing, here’s Ellen O’Connor’s review (Ellen is the museum’s Program Manager for the William L. McKnight Omnitheater, so if anyone’s an expert on giant screen films, it’s her!):

National Parks Adventure makes a person want to get out in nature and start visiting the National Parks. We follow three adventurers as they journey to parks that were on Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir’s camping excursion. This film is gorgeous to look at and the music is perfectly fit to evoke the emotions that will touch your heart for this beautiful land we call America. If you have visited the National Parks, you will enjoy revisiting them. If you have never been, you will want to start making your plans. Check out the soundtrack list on YouTube at National Parks Adventure Soundtrack.”