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Coral Reef Adventure

Coral Reef Adventure is now available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime video.

When I was a kid, I had several friends that wanted to be marine biologists when they grew up. Not me, though; I wanted to be a coral reef. Unfortunately, it turned out that that was impossible—I just didn’t have the grades for it. But if, like me, you’re interested in coral reefs and the creatures that call them home, try Coral Reef Adventure!

If you need any further convincing, here’s Ellen O’Connor’s review (Ellen is the museum’s program manager for the William L. McKnight Omnitheater, so if anyone’s an expert on giant-screen movies, it’s her!):

Coral Reef Adventure is the story of two filmmakers documenting the alarming deaths of coral reefs in the South Pacific ocean. Deep sea divers and legendary filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall work with biologists to document with the IMAX camera what is happening to ocean life at extraordinary depths, all for the sake of science and reef recovery. Narrated by Liam Neeson and featuring Jean-Michael Cousteau, deep reef scientist Richard Pyle, and Fijian diver Rusi Vulakoro, this movie is gorgeous to look at and interesting to learn about, inspiring us to take action to protect our oceans. The music is by Crosby, Stills and Nash.”

For more learning-at-home resources and related fun activities, check out the movie’s educator guide: