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Real STEM Stories

Who powers the science that powers our world? It’s not just the kind of scientists you see in popular media; it’s all of us!

Mathew Hoffman

Director of Enterprise Data and Integrations at Andersen Corporation

“Just because you’re not good at one aspect doesn't mean that that’s going to preclude you from still chasing your dream in that field.”

After switching from mechanical engineering to a business program in college, Mat quickly found his way back to STEM through his passion for computers. Despite the roadblocks along the way, Mat has made his path building data-centered solutions–and building up the data scientists of tomorrow through mentorship. 

“I think there’s a really interesting sensation when you’re putting in all this effort and working in a coding language, when you go and hit ‘run’ or ‘execute’ and it successfully performs a job that you’ve been working on. It’s almost addicting for a lot of developers and it’s a lot of fun.”