We’re all more alike than you’d think.

It’s true. Race is an idea created by people to define and divide ourselves into groups—but it isn’t supported by science. While we all have different genes, experiences, and backgrounds, we’re actually a lot more similar than you might have thought.

Celebrate our shared ancestry and diverse ways of being with Science is All of Us, featuring new online experiences and activities, in-person events, and exhibitions about the science connected to race and culture. 

The Science Museum of Minnesota is actively working to undo systems of injustice and inequity. Learn more about our commitment in our Statement on Equity & Inclusion.

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A photo taken in the We Move and We Stay exhibit.

Museum Experiences

Are you curious about what connects us? Explore exhibitions that dive deep into science, history, and culture to learn more about the science we all share.

Science Fusion

January 10 - March 26

Get inspired by local STEM professionals at Science Fusion, the Science Museum of Minnesota’s celebration of diversity, creativity, and science.

A photo of a group of youngsters working on a group activity.

Digital Resources

Discover how the idea of race impacts us all through virtual offerings, professional development, and straightforward videos that bring a scientific perspective to race and racism.

Group Experiences

Take a cultural and scientific look at race throughout history with paid and free virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning opportunities for adults and groups of people ages 12–25.

A person looking at photographs of faces in RACE: Are We So Different?