Science is All of Us Digital resources

Discover how the idea of race impacts us all through virtual offerings, professional development, and straightforward videos that bring a scientific perspective to race and racism.

Real STEM Stories

Who powers the science that powers our world? Meet some of the STEM professionals who contribute to widening participation, diversity, and inclusion in STEM!

The Idea

Through a fictional narrative between two characters, the film asks viewers to examine how the discussion could have gone differently and to consider their own experiences when discussing the idea of race.

Two people interacting in a hallway waiting for an elevator.


Being truant means not showing up to school. Join Maya and her past teacher, Joe, as they grapple with the aftereffects of being absent and their experiences as Black people in the education system in this video for youth ages 14 and above.


Most people think colorism and racism are the same—but they’re not. Youth discuss how subtle and obvious colorism permeates cultures around the world and causes harm through family dynamics, marketing, and the images we see everyday.

Alex West Steinman tours the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibition at the Science Museum

Community tours

Join Minnesotan community members from a variety of backgrounds as they explore the RACE exhibition and share their insights, thoughts, and critiques to broaden your perspective and find shared understanding.

Education Resources

Connect with education resources that inspire action and thoughtful reflection on race, racism, and bias through a scientific lens as a part of Science is All of Us.