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Who powers the science that powers our world? It’s not just the kind of scientists you see in popular media; it’s all of us!

June Sayers

M.S. Candidate: Earth and Environmental Sciences - Hydrogeology at the University of Minnesota; Kawe Gidaa-naanaagadawendaamin Manoomin (First We Must Consider Manoomin/Psin)

“You don’t always know the impact you’re having on people.“

As a scientist and an enrolled member of the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe, June bridges western-influenced academics with the traditional ecological knowledge that informs Indigenous ways of knowing. In addition to monitoring water levels and doing geo-chemical analysis, she points out how the skills of collaboration and listening are essential to her work and to our planet.

“Resources are important for all people, and we need to keep them clean and preserved for the future generations. Native scientists bring a holistic view of solving problems.”