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Who powers the science that powers our world? It’s not just the kind of scientists you see in popular media; it’s all of us!

César Honorio-Arroyo

Job Captain at BWBR

“One of the big challenges of what I do, being an immigrant, is that you have to prove yourself all the time.”

Growing up and then working as an architect for many years in Peru, César was the odd one out in his family full of doctors, nurses, and dentists. But he had never really talked about representation among his peers. His thoughts on the topic are now informed by his experiences starting a new phase of his architecture career as an immigrant, but he finds that bridging different cultures into his work enriches it. 

“Life itself is intimidating, it’s full of unknowns. You just go for it. Your experiences and your background, that’s going to help you design spaces that are safe and welcoming for people that look like you.”