Our past holds the keys to our future

Since its creation in 1907, the Anthropology Department has been researching and creating exhibits that look at the wondrous ways that we humans, both past and present, have been affected by our biology, societies, and cultures.

The department examines cultures all over the world, but the collections have a particular emphasis on the artifacts and culture of American Indians of the Plains and Upper Midwest and Hmong culture.

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Meet our staff

Ed Fleming, Curator of Archaeology
Ed’s research focuses on the archaeology and material culture of North America, specifically the Upper Midwest during Late Pre-Contact times (ca. 1000 - 1400 A.D.). He has been involved in archaeological research projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Ireland, and Belize. Current research projects include investigating the Late Woodland and Oneota presence at Spring Lake, and annual field work in the Red Wing Locality.