Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center

Empowering youth through science!

The KAYSC provides out-of-school programing for hundreds of underserved youth with the goals of building leadership skills, career readiness, and fostering confidence and appreciation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Youth start in the program as service learning volunteers in 7th grade, and can progress to paid positions during high school and after graduation as alumni interns.

The KAYSC helps youth excel by focusing on teaching them practical technology skills, getting them involved and invested in community contribution and service, and preparing them for education and future careers. 


Throughout her life, Katherine "Kitty" Andersen was a committed activist and philanthropist, particularly interested in promoting education and leadership in young women and disadvantaged communities. 


The KAYSC targets youth from underrepresented communities: 75% of participants are from low-income families; 60% are girls; 90% are youth of color.


Thulani Jwacu, Director
Rich Pennington, Internships Program Manager
Kayla Swanson, Design Team Program Manager

Middle School Programs

Making science relevant to your life.
Design Team is all about exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) through fun and exciting hands-on projects.

High School Programs

Get a paid job with the KAYSC and make a difference.
Working with the KAYSC in one of our High School programs will teach you leadership and STEM skills while giving you an opportunity to be a mentor to middle school KAYSC members.

Career and Community Connections

Stay Connected with the KAYSC
At the KAYSC, we want to make a lasting difference in our participants’ lives and the communities they impact.

STEM Justice Toolkit

Build a STEM Justice Toolkit

In this three-part training, participants will move through a focus on self, systems, and ultimately a shift in practice to cultivate a toolkit that supports their ongoing development of a STEM justice practice.

A group of people sitting in a corner working on a project - two are holding notepads, and one is holding a laptop.

KAYSC Events

The KAYSC hosts STEM-focused events for youth to develop a lifelong excitement for science and engage with other STEM learners.