A headshot of joann newman

Orlando Science Center

JoAnn Newman | President & Chief Executive Officer

Something that sets this apart from other training is the way that we engage as participants. This is not a trainer lecturing from the front of the room, calling on those who raise their hands. It’s more like having a leader (who has devoted their life to this work) guiding us through a set of complex interactions and helping us understand ourselves and how we can be part of a positive systemic change.

A headshot of scott thomas

Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District

Scott Thomas | Director of Education Services

The institute has had an incredibly positive impact on our school culture, beliefs, and student learning. Thank you for carefully listening to our goals and incorporating them into the learning in thoughtful ways. You are masterful facilitators and did a fabulous job moving our community forward with a deeper understanding of equity, powerful learning, and inclusion for our students.

A headshot of amy banzaert

Wellesley College

Amy Banzaert, Ph.D. | Director and Lecturer of Engineering Studies

In a nutshell: amazing, phenomenal, the best teaching I've ever experienced on a topic that's critical to me as a professor and as a human.

A headshot of jaron keener

Ravenswood Studios

Jaron Keener | Senior Project Manager

The IDEAL Center team is inspiring and a guiding light for those committed to creating lasting positive change. They are so experienced and knowledgeable, creating a truly safe environment where I felt comfortable breaking down my walls and participating in frank and honest conversations around diversity, equity, access, and inclusion issues. They provided a guiding hand but were nimble and observant enough to allow for a variety of personal transformations.