IDEAL Center

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Leadership Professional Development

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s IDEAL Center helps professionals who are serious about equity and inclusion see their world differently and have the abilities, strategies, and will to make it more just and open.

Our scientific mindset and research-proven teaching and facilitation practices help participants become agents of change: transforming people, relationships, organizations, and our world.

Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 iPAGE Leadership Program for Informal STEM Institutions. Learn more.

Now accepting applications for the 2022-23 PAGE K-12 Leadership program. Learn more.

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Research Informed & Proven

As the only diversity and equity professional development organization born from a science learning institution, our work is grounded in research on equity, teaching and learning, complex systems, organizational change, and more.


Equity is a practice, a way of living and working, not a specific destination to be reached.  We help you have the courage to envision a positive future for yourself/organization/community and to see that equity and inclusion are essential to this vision.

Two folks listening in a session.
A guided small-group activity.

Guided & Supportive

Our expert facilitators actively create powerful and supportive learning environments because becoming an effective agent of change is hard work. You'll leave with practical tools and strategies to create sustainable and just change for your organization.

Ongoing Programs

Learn about bringing positive change to districts with the PAGE Leadership Program, and addressing Equity and Inclusion in Informal STEM Institutions with the iPAGE Leadership Program.

A group activity in a hallway
A group activity in a field.

Customized Experiences

Our ability to work with groups of all kinds comes from our extensive experience as adult educators. Whatever your equity goals are, we can help you.


Read testimonials by program alumni from organizations like Wellesley College, Orlando Science Center, and more.