The Idea - Conversations: Talk about race

Thank you for joining the conversation. Before you start, take a moment to create an inclusive place, that supports engagement for everyone involved, by setting your conversation standards with each other.

  • Listen to understand

  • Share your truth

  • Expect discomfort

  • Do not try to fix anything

  • Speak from personal experience

  • What is said stays in the room. What is learned leaves the room. 

The film prompts us to reflect and talk about the following:

  • Race is a recent human invention.

  • Race is about culture, not biology.

  • Race and racism are embedded in our institutions and everyday life.

Prompt One

When was the last time you had a conversation about race with someone who identified differently than you?

  • How did your conversation feel similar to Dan and Erin’s?

  • How did it differ?

  • If you've never had a conversation about race, why is that? 

Prompt Two

Dan states he is reminded of his skin color every day.

  • How often do you think of your skin color?

  • What message do you get about race daily and from whom?

  • Have you ever been in a situation where your racial or ethnic identity seemed to contribute to a problem or uncomfortable situation? 

Prompt Three

The female character, Erin, does not ask for consent to have this conversation about race with Dan.  In fact, Dan tells her numerous times that he does not want to have the conversation at this time and she ignores his requests. 

  • How could Erin have approached the conversation differently?

  • How do you think Dan felt after Erin refused to drop the conversation?

  • When and where is the right time to talk about race and equity?

Prompt Four

Dan gives a few examples of white privilege in the film. One example he gives is his experiences being followed by security in stores. 

  • Can you think of examples of white privilege that aren’t mentioned in the film?

What is your statement of hope for the future for racial equality? 

What is your statement of hope for the future for racial equality? 

Thank you for being part of the conversation. We hope you’ll continue the conversation.

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