Busted! Interactive experience

Busted! is an interactive narrative that shows the legal system through the eyes of BIPOC youth. 

How do White people and BIPOC people experience the criminal justice system differently? How do those differences impact the outcomes that different communities face, and why do those disparities in fairness exist.

In an illustrated, interactive format, Busted! takes audiences through an experience with the criminal justice system from the perspective of a young Black man, highlighting the disparities that disproportionately damage the futures of Minnesota youth of color. After going through this digital experience, audiences can utilize a related discussion guide to deepen their conversations and understanding. 

This introductory exploration of the criminal justice system, based on local and national data, is a collaborative effort to shed light on a pervasive and prevalent issue, with narrative contributions from Bilese Dinsa, artistic contributions from Grant Kirkpatrick, and legal guidance from Luis Rangel Morales from the Neighborhood Justice Center, Andrew Gordon from the Legal Rights Center, Kelly Mitchell from the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Minnesota, and Mary Moriarty, a public defender in Hennepin County. 

BUSTED! was made possible through funding from the Arts and Culture Heritage Fund of the Minnesota Legacy Amendment.