RACE: Are We So Different?

The idea that we can group people into “races” is only a few hundred years old. It was, and is, tied to power and hierarchy. Today, scientists have disproved the idea of race and its notions of biological superiority. But the idea of race continues to shape our lives. How did we get here? And how can we do better?

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Welcome, by Joanne Jones-Rizzi

Joanne Jones-Rizzi, Vice President of Science, Equity, & Education at the Science Museum of Minnesota, invites you to experience RACE: Are We So Different?

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The updated version of this groundbreaking exhibit dives deeper into our common origin, explores disparities in the criminal justice system, and highlights issues local to Minnesota.
Side-by-side close-up photo of two different colored eyes on two different people.

The Idea

Through a fictional narrative between two characters, the film asks viewers to examine how the discussion could have gone differently and to consider their own experiences when discussing the idea of race.

A Memorial

No matter what filter you apply to the data, Black Americans are more likely to experience police violence than other groups. (The content may be triggering or traumatic for some viewers.)