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Statement on Equity

At the Science Museum of Minnesota, we are grieving with our Twin Cities community over the devastating death of George Floyd at the hands of police.


Adopted by the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Board of Trustees
March 28, 2018

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are valuable for communities to thrive and live in a global society. Equity, inclusion, and access to STEM are critical to the ongoing work of the museum.

THE SCIENCE MUSEUM OF MINNESOTA is actively working to undo systems of injustice and inequity. We will create an inclusive, equity-based institution that empowers people to change the world through STEM. Aspects of political, cultural, and economic systems maintain injustice and inequity through the control of power and resources. Most museums and scientific practices, including our own, have supported these systems. As a result, access to and engagement with STEM learning and practices has been limited for some.

The museum commits to using STEM as a tool to advocate for justice and equity. We will:

INSPIRE LEARNING by including, collaborating, and lifting up the voices of people who have been overlooked or excluded

INFORM POLICY by illuminating unfairness, inequality, and power imbalances

IMPROVE LIVES with productive dialogue on topics related to equity, inclusion, and public access to STEM

By prioritizing equity and inclusion, we re-imagine the scientific enterprise and continue to seek opportunities that support and encourage full participation in the vital work of connecting STEM and society through our areas of impact— our exhibitions, public programs, teaching, research, collections, operations, management, Board of Trustees, policies, and practices.