Action for Earth

Think globally, act locally

Take action to help protect the community, wildlife, and environment that we all share. 

Climate change, lack of habitats for wildlife, and pollution are changing environments across the world. These issues might feel too big to tackle, but we’re here to help you get started. 

Join us online and in-person to celebrate our big wide world and work to protect it. Let’s bridge the gap between science and practical action together through exciting virtual events, in-museum experiences, and online resources.

Every action makes a difference, and even things that seem small can add up to make a big impact. You are an important advocate for our planet. What action will you take today?

The Science Museum of Minnesota is using science to find solutions to climate change. Learn more about our commitment in our Statement on Climate Change.

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Closeup photo of the head on a Sandhill Crane.

Sandhill Crane Community Art

Migration means a lot to Minnesotans. Experience migratory birds on a massive scale with our lobby installation of Sandhill cranes.

Climate change at the museum

Explore climate change throughout the ages at the Collectors’ Corner, in Science Superheroes, and in giant-screen Omnitheater movies here at the Science Museum.

A visitor gazing at a display in the dinosaur gallery.

Explore Earth at home

Find out how climate change affects growing alligators in their eggs, get excited about the birds in your backyard, and more with science stories and activities.