Science CHOOSE-eum: Water

Welcome to the world of water! 

If you’re here, that means you’ve chosen water as your path of discovery this summer at the CHOOSE-eum. We’ve laid out a list of the must-see science surrounding the element that makes up 71 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Learn about the museum’s own St. Croix Water Research Station team and research projects in Science Superheroes.

Control waves with our 32-foot wave tank.

Mississippi River Gallery

Captain a towboat down the Mississippi River using a barge simulator.

Soak in breathtaking river views as you climb aboard the Charles E. Mississippi River towboat.

Jellyfish on the omniscreen

Catch a Friday Museum Night water-themed movie.

More ways to play

On Saturdays from June 3-July 7, we’ll be celebrating a little extra water science with special themed programming. Explore the above activities anytime, or come on a Saturday in June to amp up the waterworks!

Keep on sciencing

The adventure doesn’t have to stop after you leave the museum. Check out some of our digital resources that spark discovery, wherever you are.