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Advocacy for Earth

Actions are stronger when taken together. Our collective actions add up to real, necessary changes. Here are stories of what the Science Museum, its partners, and you can do to help save our planet.

Our actions

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Solar garden

The museum subscribes to a community solar garden in Dakota County. In 2022, this subscription offset 39% of our electricity use, saving the museum $13,800.

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Forever Green

The museum has partnered with the University of Minnesota’s Forever Green program to grow and demonstrate the potential of new perennial crops that protect soils from wind and water erosion all year round.

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Reforesting the Mississippi

The museum is partnering with Mississippi Park Connection to prepare bare-root trees for reforesting the Mississippi floodplain in the Twin Cities.

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Energy reduction

The museum has reduced its use of electricity for nine years in a row by using energy more efficiently.

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Carbon-free electricity (formerly carbon reduction)

Emissions are down 90% from 2014 due to the museum’s energy-efficiency efforts, carbon-neutral electricity from Xcel Energy, and carbon-neutral chilled water from District Energy St. Paul.

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Net-zero energy

When completed in 2003, Science House was one of Minnesota’s first net-zero energy buildings, generating as much energy as it used on a yearly basis.

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Energy-efficiency measures

Through energy-efficiency measures, the museum is saving more than $150,000/year on its utility bills while reducing climate change pollution.

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Carbon-neutral by 2030

The Science Museum pledges to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2030, 20 years ahead of its previous target of 2050.

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Share your climate story

Tell us what makes you hopeful for the future of the climate fight at your next visit; be a part of an interactive display on Level 6.

Your action

Three wind generators can be seen in the distance with blue skies in the background and green fields in the foreground.

Enroll in clean energy

Subscribe with your electric utility to make clean energy changes.

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Contact your legislator

Support bold changes that enact policies to reduce carbon emissions.

Museum workers marching with climate action signs

Spread the word

Spread the word about progress and share your own experience.

Photo of a classroom. A museum staff member demonstrated a science experiment in front of children.

Educator resources

Resources for in-person or virtual classrooms.