From awareness to action

Help move the climate conversation beyond awareness to action.

It’s time to talk about the reality of climate change. Individual actions are essential, but ultimately change needs to take place on a larger scale as well. 

Learn about the science behind our changing climate, how to support bold actions informed by science, and how to advocate for climate justice with friends, family, and elected officials. Get inspired to protect our home planet by seeing it from new perspectives and being reminded of all the Earth provides for us.

Add your voice to demand Action for Earth with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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The front of the Science Museum building

Advocacy for Earth

Actions are stronger when taken together. Get inspired by stories of what the Science Museum, its partners, and you can do to help save our planet.

Climate change at the museum

Explore the topic of climate change throughout the ages at the Collectors’ Corner, in Science Superheroes, and on the Omnitheater’s giant screen here at the Science Museum.

The climate projects onto on Earth sphere

Explore Earth at home

Discover inspiring success stories and conversation starters on topics related to the environment, climate change, water issues, and sustainability.

Education resources

Find student-paced programming on energy, water, conservation, and other related topics, available in-person and online.

image of children in a classroom