Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math at the heart of Vikings football.

This one-of-a kind field trip experience, presented by the Minnesota Vikings Foundation and the Science Museum of Minnesota, will show students that football takes skill, practice, heart - and a whole lot of STEM! Join us as we shine a spotlight on Minnesota's favorite football team and inspire kids to get thinking, moving, and doing STEM.

Prepare Your Visit

Lace up those cleats, it’s time to learn! This is your home field for everything you need to know about your upcoming Vikings Voyage, including chaperone policies, drop-off and pick-up information, what lunch is going to look like, and so much more.

Classroom Activities

Warm-ups and cool-downs are important for peak performance. These pre- and post-visit activities will get your students ready for their Vikings Voyage and keep them exploring the intersection of STEM and football when they’re back in the classroom.

STEM Careers

How do the Minnesota Vikings use science, technology, engineering, and math to lead the team to victory? This video series spotlights key behind-the-scenes stakeholders who ensure Vikings game days run as successfully as their plays.