Diatoms from Spring Creek, May 2015: photo by Mark Edlund

Visiting Research

Resources and Opportunities

The SCWRS can provide plots for long-term studies, access to the St. Croix River, facilities, lodging, field equipment, laboratory analyses and other services to visiting researchers. In addition, graduate students at area universities are welcome to utilize the research station in their work. User fees may be waived or reduced for students by applying for a research scholarship.

Educational Field Site

College and university classes use the SCWRS as an educational field site. We host ongoing research projects for undergraduate and graduate students and can provide sites for college classes to experience field methods and conduct habitat studies.

Visiting Researchers

Field research conducted by visiting scientists has led to significant findings. These include the discovery of a new species of dragonfly, the St. Croix snaketail (Ophiogomphus susbehcha), and the rediscovery of the winged mapleleaf mussel (Quadrula fragosa), thought to have been extinct since 1930.

Visiting scientists continue to address issues such as global change, forest fragmentation, tick-borne diseases, the impacts of development on water quality, and biodiversity.