A photo from the Storms On Stage production.

Science Live Theatre

Science comes to life in unique and entertaining ways through this series of ever-changing shows.

Free with admission, schedule subject to change

Science Live programs run throughout the day and are a magical combination of dramatic theater, science demonstrations, and interactive entertainment.

Science Live T. rex puppet

How to Train Your Dinosaur

March 17 - April 9

Level 3 Atrium

10:30 a.m.

Level 3 Atrium

10:30 a.m.
Member Lounge

A T. rex is loose in the museum! Come hang out with this therapod predator, if you dare.

Image of galaxies on omni screen

Stellar Tours Live Digital Telescope Show

2 p.m.

Through this live, immersive big-screen experience, catch a rare glimpse of some of the farthest reaches of the universe. Entry is ticketed.