Educator Membership

Available to anyone employed by a K-12 school, licensed homeschooling educators, and informal educators, such as museum educators.

$120 per year

Educator Membership Benefits

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Includes benefits for two Members + dependents under 21

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$5 discounted parking during museum hours

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$2 off guest passes

Benefits for All Members

Free museum admission

Every membership includes free exhibit admission and Omnitheater movies — every time you visit.


Access to museums around the world

Go globetrotting! Free admission to over 350 museums around the world.

Exclusive Member experiences

  • Advance notice and sneak peeks at new collections and exhibits

  • Member-exclusive Omnitheater showings and behind-the-scenes access

  • Special events like adult-only evenings, Member Family & Friends Days, and Member Appreciation Month

Fund science learning

Expand science learning access to more of our community.

On-the-go benefits

Earth-friendly digital membership cards let you easily take your benefits wherever you go

Available Discounts

Membership benefits are not refundable or transferable. If two adults are named, no other adults may receive Member benefits. If only one adult is named, that adult must be present in order for guests to receive Member benefits. View full Member policies.

Adventurer Membership $15

Formerly called a Great Membership, the Adventurer Membership is an income-based Explorer+ membership to help create museum accessibility for everyone.

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Childcare Provider Discount

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Ticket Trade-In

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