Alkali Membership

Membership Cost

Alkali Memberships cost $250 per year and can be renewed annually. Alkali also has a monthly giving option for just $21 a month. Call (651) 265-9870 to initiate monthly giving.

Membership Benefits

Alkali Members receive the following benefits for two adults:

  • Museum admission—every time you visit

  • One Omnitheater admission per person, per day for all regularly-scheduled films

  • Two free parking vouchers for the museum’s parking ramp

  • One additional Omnitheater pass to share

  • Discounted parking rates

  • Free advance reservations online or by calling (651) 221-9444

  • 10% discount in the Explore Store

  • Priority registration and discounts on selected classes, lectures, trips, and camps

  • Member-only in-person and virtual events

  • Admission to over 350 museums worldwide

Behind the Name

The alkali metals consist of the chemical elements lithium (Li), sodium (Na), potassium (K), rubidium (Rb), caesium (Cs), and francium (Fr). This family of elements is also known as the lithium family after its leading element. Much like the lithium in lithium-ion batteries, Alkali Members keep the museum running.