Three wind generators can be seen in the distance with blue skies in the background and green fields in the foreground.

The Science Museum is now 100% wind-powered

earth scienceScience Museum of MinnesotaMay 19, 2021

Wind from the Upper Midwest is now powering a Minnesota institution. The exhibits, Omnitheater and entire Science Museum of Minnesota - are now powered by carbon-free wind energy. The museum has fully subscribed to Xcel Energy’s Windsource – a program that allows customers to partially or fully power their home or business with regionally generated wind energy.

“The Science Museum commits to being a model of sustainable innovations for our community, showing that while the climate crisis is real and urgent, there are solutions,” says Alison Rempel Brown, president and CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota. “Our subscription to Windsource is a critical component that helped us reach our goal to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% - nine years ahead of schedule! We’re proud to join our partners at Xcel Energy in building community around climate solutions.”

“The Science Museum of Minnesota is a highly regarded institution that has educated and entertained visitors for more than a century,” said Chris Clark, president, Xcel Energy-Minnesota. “The museum also shares our vision for a clean energy future, and we’re proud to provide them with clean, renewable energy and help them meet their sustainability goals.”

Windsource is an option for business and residential customers who want to power some or all of their homes and businesses with renewable energy. Customers participating in the program range from residents to cities, schools, universities, small businesses and large companies. There are more than 70,000 business and residential customers currently subscribed to Windsource in Minnesota.

Xcel Energy retires Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on behalf of program participants, enabling customers to use those credits in their reporting to stakeholders, a key requirement for businesses with sustainability programs.

About Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy (NASDAQ: XEL) provides the energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company is an industry leader in responsibly reducing carbon emissions and producing and delivering clean energy solutions from a variety of renewable sources at competitive prices. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About Science Museum of Minnesota
The Science Museum of Minnesota is one of the state’s most beloved museums, with a reach that extends well beyond its riverfront location in downtown Saint Paul. Along with serving hundreds of thousands of people each year through its unique combination of cutting-edge technology, hands-on STEM exploration, and world-class collection of fossils and artifacts, the museum reaches schools in all 87 Minnesota counties; provides critical STEM workforce development and leadership training for youth; and conducts research on water quality, climate change, paleontology and archaeology in locations around the world. Equity work is in the Science Museum’s DNA, demonstrated through its commitment to being a resource to the entire community – at a time when science and scientific learning and equitable access to STEM and STEM careers is more critical than ever. For more information, visit