Female scientist working in a lab

Spotting good science in medicine

social science, physicsJohn Gordon, Content DeveloperMar 27, 2020

Not all treatments are created equal. Look for medicine that’s backed by good science.

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Weighing the Evidence exhibit is all about learning how to make smart and effective decisions around healthcare and medicine. To help break this sometimes-complicated process into simple chunks, David Gillette of Twin Cities Public Television and I created a series of short videos for the exhibit (David did all the work and I stood nearby and occasionally said, “Looks good!”).

These subjects are especially relevant today as we face a new threat to our health in COVID-19, and as we learn about new—and sometimes not-yet tested—treatments.

This video is about how to look for good science behind a medical treatment (because not all treatments are backed by equally thorough research). As potential treatments or even vaccines for COVID-19 begin to emerge, it will be important to look for those that are supported by careful research instead of placebo, confirmation bias, or simple coincidence. Check it out!