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A white tugboat sails down the river in St. Paul.

Saint Paul’s Working River, a young learners’ activity book

earth scienceJohn Gordon, Content DeveloperApr 22, 2020

Saint Paul, Minnesota, is located about 1000 miles from the nearest ocean coast . . . but did you know that it’s a port city? Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi, Saint Paul is home to multiple river terminals, where barges load and unload thousands of tons of cargo.

Together with the Saint Paul Public School District’s Social Studies Department, the Saint Paul Port Authority produced this student workbook on the cargo “highway” that is the Mississippi River. (And this on-line content was developed and provided by the Science Museum in partnership with the Saint Paul Port Authority.) The workbook was meant to go out to third-grade classrooms this year . . . but since Minnesota’s third-grade classes are now being held at home, the workbook can go straight home, too!

The book includes Mississippi River-related drawing, writing, geography, and math activities (and more!) Check out the free PDF version of the workbook, and have fun!