Fossilized plants from the Science Museum collection

Which fossil flora matches your mood? Take the quiz to find out

biology, earth scienceZoe Harvey, Marketing Communication SpecialistApr 15, 2021

Throughout time, people across the world have used flowers and plants to convey meaning and send hidden signals through petals, stems, colors, and shapes.

One of the most well-known methods of floriography was the Language of Flowers, which gained popularity over 100 years ago during the Victorian era. Within the Language of Flowers, different plants had secret meanings, and people would present others with florals that revealed deeper emotions beneath the surface. While the Language of Flowers is more pop science than truly scientific, there’s a lot to be learned about plant biology and the complexities of human emotions through plants.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’re putting a paleontological spin on this old tradition.

Find your (fossilized) feelings

We’re bringing it back. How far back? Multiple millions of years ago! This quiz will reveal how you're really feeling, represented by a fossilized plant from our collections.

Take it (and send it to a friend) to learn a bit about yourself and a lot about plants that lived long ago.

Take the fossil flora quiz

Was your result accurate? We want to know! Once you find your fossil feels, share your results with us on social media.