Hand holding a Delta-branded yellow paper airplane

Fly at home with DELTA’s printable paper airplanes

physics, engineeringZoe Harvey, Marketing Communication SpecialistMay 8, 2020

It’s time for takeoff! This activity explores how different wing shapes can influence how far a paper airplane flies, what route it takes, and how long it stays in the air.

Below are the plans for four different types of paper airplanes. Depending on which plan you choose to make, your airplane will glide, soar, shoot, or somersault!

To get started, gather your materials

Before you begin, you will need:

Step 1. Print and fold

First, print the DELTA paper airplane template of your choice on 8 ½” x 11” printer paper. Follow the instructions below to cut and fold your airplane.

For the acrobatic Dragonfly airplane, follow these instructions.

For the room-gliding Condor airplane, follow these instructions.

For the Delta straight shooter airplane, follow these instructions.

For the Arrow airplane, follow these instructions.

Step 2. Take your airplane for a test flight!

Once you’re done cutting and folding your aeronautical masterpiece, send it flying from a safe place in your home!

Our favorite places to launch paper airplanes are decks, balconies, office chairs, kitchen tables, and couches. Make sure the room or outdoor space you’re aiming at doesn’t have anything you could break! And … 3, 2, 1, takeoff!

Step 3. Review the flight

How did your airplane fly? Did it glide through the air in a straight line, or do a loop-de-loop and crash land? Think about what you could try next time to get your airplane to fly further or in a different direction. Should it be wider, more pointy, or have differently shaped wings?

Science is all about reproducing your tests, so don’t be afraid to try new techniques, fold your paper differently, or even print your template again on a different piece of paper and see how it goes.

We hope you had some fun with DELTA’s paper airplane templates. Please share your results with us on social media using #ShareYourDiscovery.

Once you’re done with your airplanes, make sure to recycle the paper to keep waste out of landfills. Want more tips for being sustainable at home? Read When Little Things Turn into Big Change: Small Steps that Make a Huge Difference.