Sea anemone

Deep sea exploration at home

earth science, biologyEli Skinner, STEM Education Department Program GeneralistMay 23, 2020

With my daily life shrunk down to the space of my apartment, I’ve been opening windows and enjoying the cool breeze coming in from the drizzle outside. It reminds me of being back in my “happy place,” the stretch of open water in California between Los Angeles and Catalina Island when I was an at-sea educator before coming to the Science Museum. I’ve been watching a lot of Nautilus Live, an interactive ocean exploration livestream and video archive from the Ocean Exploration Trust. It’s the kind of informal science learning that I love: personal, interactive, and something that feeds the sense of wonder about the world that’s so important for us all to nurture through our lives, especially now. I hope it can do the same for you, hopefully, next to an open window.

Check out the video for some Nautilus Live highlights, or go to to really dive in.