Weighing the Evidence

Snake oil. Psychographs. Phrenology. Fraudulent cures. Pseudoscience.

There’s a lot of fake science out there.

In Weighing the Evidence, debunked devices, remedies, and ideologies showcase how silly tricky marketing and faux science is—and how dangerous it can be to our health. Even though these devices hail from years past, you’ll learn how to look out for medical misinformation in today’s world.

Get buzzing and pop a squat on the The Battle Creek Vibratory Chair, shock your system with the glowing violet ray, and try out other odd, fascinating, and outrageous objects from the Questionable Medical Device collection. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to question what you know about society, ethics, science, decision-making, and health at this out-of-the-ordinary exhibit.

Need more info before or after visiting? Listen to Atlas Obscura’s podcast episode all about the exhibit.