How do humans of all shapes, sizes, and abilities use their bodies to make that basket, swing that racket, or score that goal? By studying the human form in motion, including trying out the science on yourself, you’ll gain a better understanding behind the science of motion and sports.

The science of movement

Throw, Play, Run, Kick, Move, Jump

In Sportsology, every field, court, track, and gym becomes a science lab!

Move your body in the Motion Lab

Flip it and reverse it, Sportsology style. Playback a video of yourself kicking a ball, doing a cartwheel, or throwing a football to analyze your movements and see if you’re similar to a professional athlete.

Ready, set, race

We hope you’ll find yourself at the finish line in front of a T. rex, T.C. Bear, or one of several professional athletes, including Mark Braun! Get ready to move in this race against the competitor of your choice.

Do your jumps match up?

Basketball players can jump up high. Really high. Try to meet their historic hops by testing out your own jumping skills.