Artist at Pine Needle Gallery

Artist at Pine Needles Gallery

Temporary exhibit | On display through September 6, 2021 | Located on Level 4

Minnesota’s landscapes inspire art and science

Each year at the Pine Needles cabin on the St. Croix Watershed Research Station property, painters, writers, photographers, and artists explore the place where art and science meet in Minnesota’s environments.

2013 Suzanne Armington painting

Art by Suzanne Armington

Their work reveals new sides to familiar landscapes—the curving patterns of a river, flowing grasses waving in the wind, and even the sheen of a freshwater mollusk. Through words, pictures, and other mediums, the artists-in-residence tell stories of Minnesota’s changing landscapes, share their views with scientists to inspire new ways of thinking, and connect with local communities who share the same environment.

Leaf overlaid with words and a chart

Art by Linda Gammel

Art by Linda Gammel

Come and see more than a dozen works of art from Artist at Pine Needles residencies on level 4 at the Science Museum of Minnesota. You’ll find inspiration to ask questions, get creative, and think about the ways nature shapes our lives.