Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

Oct. 7, 2023 through Sept. 4, 2024

Returning to the Science Museum of Minnesota for the first time since its debut in 2013, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed welcomes a new generation of visitors to explore afascinating culture through more than 200 authentic artifacts and immersive environments.

Presented in both English and Spanish, Maya gives visitors a glimpse at ancient Maya life — from mighty kings who ruled powerful cities to the artisans and laborers who formed the backbone of society. Visitors will also get a close look at the scientific work happening at key Maya sites across Central America to understand exactly what is known of the ancient Maya culture. The Maya people created the longest lasting civilization of the Western Hemisphere, their culture enduring through changes, wars, and disasters until it was suppressed by Spanish colonization in the 16th and 17th centuries. Millions of descendants of this mighty Mesoamerican society still represent their culture and traditions today.

Through hands-on activities, informative videos, and lifelike simulations, visitors can learn the cultural and architectural techniques the Maya used to build extensive, massive, and elaborate cities. One of the largest exhibitions about the Maya ever to be displayed in the United States, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed captivates curiosity and provides a cross-section of life in this deeply influential culture.  

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the result of a partnership between the Science Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Museum of Science, Boston; and the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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