Math Moves

Find yourself at the intersection of ratios, proportions, and shapes

We all live in a world made up of math. In Math Moves, you can use your body to investigate the math behind movements by using your body, gestures, and words to understand ratios and proportions.

Math isn’t just about solving a problem with a pen and paper—it can be fun, exciting, and full of movement, too. Compare your shadow with a friend’s, use gears to draw intricate geometric art, and sit on chairs of many sizes to learn more about the equations behind everyday life.

Visitors playing with the Goldilocks chair

Goldilocks and the three chairs

Come and have a seat on three identical but differently sized chairs to play with proportion and appearance.

Math Moves - See yourself in shadows

Shadows show scale! Stand side-by-side with a friend or family member to reveal how light makes us look bigger or smaller depending on where we stand.

Image of figure casting shadows on scaled wall
Girl playing with gears to create shapes on paper

Geometry made by gears

Set up gears to create intricate shapes on paper that you can take home or display at the Science Museum. You’ll become a mathematician and an artist at the same time.