Human Body Gallery

Explore humanity’s inner world

In the Human Body Gallery, you can uncover what makes us tick, how we get sick, and the astounding biology of humanity. Measure how much blood is in your body. Hang out with a giant hand and peel back the layers. Get sneezed on to discover how disease spreads. Analyze real and preserved organs and bodies like a scientist.

Photo of a hand exhibit in the Human Body Gallery.

Science that gets out of hand

What causes blisters? What does a splinter look like under your skin? Examine skin on a large scale with the gigantic hand.

Ready, set, sneeze

Achoo! Find out what’s in a sneeze and how droplets can spread disease by experiencing it yourself.

A mom holds a child while looking in the Human Body Gallery.
A photo from the Human Body Gallery. A visitor looks at a human heart.

Meet the most vital organ

The human heart weighs less than one pound, but this mighty muscle powers your whole body. Learn how and see a real human heart on display.