Experiment Gallery

Science is everywhere

It starts with a question, morphs into research and a hypothesis, and ends with a conclusion. Except, it never really ends, because we’re always asking questions.

The Experiment Gallery encourages everyone to ask questions, test their hypothesis, and have a blast while doing it. Between a whirling indoor tornado, a wave tank that you can control, and tons of experiment stations for hands-on discovery, there are endless opportunities to boggle your mind while exploring science.

Family playing with indoor tornado

Make an indoor tornado

Maneuver moveable panels to shift air currents and create a tornado inside the museum! This is a tried and true favorite that will show you the power of hot and cold air meeting in the middle.

Air, meet object

Displace a ball using rushing air and see how far you can tilt the apparatus until it won’t hover anymore.

Woman using air to displace a ball in the experiment gallery
Two people connecting electric components at a table.

Coursing currents

Connect electric components to create circuitry and test how energy moves. You’ll make some shocking discoveries!