Collectors' Corner

The world around us is full of wonder. Flipping over a rock can reveal scurrying pill bugs. Exploring your backyard might reveal a new plant you’ve never noticed before. Heading outdoors and observing the environment opens up our minds to new ideas and encourages us to think like scientists do! 

At the Collectors’ Corner, traders of all ages can bring in the objects they find outdoors. Your trade could be a special rock or crystal, bones from an already-dead animal, leaves or petals, or some other natural object. The more you know about it, the more points you get in return. Those points can be used to trade for objects you can bring home and keep!

How to trade

Roger, our Collectors’ Corner Coordinator, will walk you through which items we accept, who can trade (spoiler: everybody!), and how to get the most points for your knowledge. 

Connect science with community

Collecting objects outdoors is useful for more than just trading. Find out how your finds can contribute to big research projects through community science.

A museum visitor holding their baby in the Collectors' Corner and a museum staff member shows them a preserved crocodile head.
Close-up of rock specimens.

Explore more science

You can discover, evaluate, and learn more about nature wherever you are. Dig into stories and activities that will inspire you to keep thinking like a scientist.