Exhibit Prototyping & Production

Interactive exhibits must not only communicate their messages through physical means, they must also be easy for visitors to operate, and robust enough to withstand years of loving use. At the Science Museum of Minnesota, we develop and design interactive exhibits through an iterative process of prototyping and audience testing.

While the content and activity are being developed, we build a life-size working model of the exhibit component and test it with visitors to gauge its feasibility and effectiveness. Based on the feedback we receive, we revise the model and interpretation and test it again. This prototyping process consistently produces safe, reliable, and effective exhibit components.

The Science Museum of Minnesota's 12,000-square-foot fabrication shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the production of all exhibit elements—from cabinetry to acrylic vitrines, from steel frames to electronic circuits, and from precision millwork to landscaped dioramas.

The shop is staffed by a group of experienced professionals, representing a variety of fabrication skills. Clients can expect their exhibits to reflect the same attention to detail and high production standards that are evident in the exhibit products on permanent display at the Science Museum of Minnesota.