Nature All Around Us

Nature All Around Us is created by the Natural History Museum of Utah and modified for tour by the Science  Museum of Minnesota.

We often think of nature as a place  untouched by humans - high on a rugged mountain or deep  in a remote canyon. But nature is thriving right under our  noses in cities and towns. We depend on interconnected  natural systems to make our communities livable. Filled  with immersive environments and hands-on interactives,  Nature All Around Us challenges the notion that urban and  natural environments are separate or at odds by showing  the many ways they are inextricably linked and encouraging  further curiosity and learning about planning, designing and  managing to nurture nature in our own communities. 

In Nature All Around Us, visitors will discover the hidden  worlds and rich ecosystems within familiar places from their  own backyard to Main Street. They will explore the ways our  daily lives are intertwined with nature—how trees cool our  neighborhoods, how streams carry storm water away from  our homes, and how spending time in nearby nature keeps  us healthy. Visitors will meet citizen scientists who record  nature in their communities and learn more about how to get  involved in their own communities.  

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"Nature All Around Us is based on the idea that we can make our world an even better place in which  to live by discovering, celebrating and conserving the nature we find in our own neighborhoods, open spaces and waterways". - Natural History Museum of Utah


  • 4,000-5,000 sq ft (370-465 sq m)

  • Deep content rooted in bold science

  • Dozens of specimens from world-class research collections

  • Educational materials for on-site and community use

  • Flexible community outreach/promotions toolkit

  • 100% bilingual

  • An exhibitor friendly, turnkey operation

  • SMM tour tech lead included in rental fee


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