Journey to Space

Developed in partnership with the International Space Station Office of NASA's Johnson Space Center, the California Science Center and the partner museums of the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative, the 5,000 to 10,000-square-foot Space exhibition invites visitors to experience traveling to, living and working in space. Visitors are immersed in the challenges that astronauts—and the engineers and scientists that make their journeys possible—face. Space premiered at the Science Museum of Minnesota in 2015 and is now touring to museums throughout the United States. Space features interactive exhibits, whole body experiences and authentic artifacts that engage visitors with the unparalleled adventure of space exploration.

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  • Scalable from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. Size and price your presentation. Choose the components you want to include.

  • Big WOW! Factor: Full scale, walk-through rotating labs modeled after an International Space Station laboratory.

  • Little (People's) WOW! Factor: The International Space Station Dollhouse

  • Loads of engaging interactive components to choose from:
     - Control the mini robotic Canada arm
     - Blast off water rockets
     - Fire ion engines
     - Power your space station through Earth's shadow
     - Perform weightless experiments
     - Create artificial gravity
     - Design your own space colony
     - Experience the space station toilet
     - Test the destructive power of micrometeorites
     - Float in the space mirror 

  • Space food, clothes, and tools

  • Bilingual—English and Spanish

Lease Terms

  • 3-month leases. Preference and discounts for double leases

  • Inbound shipping

  • Vendor provided installation/de-installation staff to direct your assembly crew

Traveling Exhibition Venue Schedule

Note: Tentative bookings are not listed online. Please contact us to confirm the availability of the venue of your choice.