Letter to the Community

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, we see, hear, and stand with your calls to stop Asian hate. Anti-Asian sentiment has existed in the U.S. for generations. Hostility and violence have risen sharply in recent months, fed by harmful untruths, stereotypes, the model minority myth, white supremacy, and centuries of systemic oppression.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are us, our neighbors, employees, family members, and friends. Your communities deserve peace, happiness, and security, which is the unfilled promise of America’s founding—here in Minnesota and beyond.

At the Science Museum of Minnesota, we condemn violence and work to dismantle inequities, inequality, and power imbalances. As part of that commitment, we stand in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Island communities everywhere. It will require extraordinary and ongoing work to solve these immense inequities, and we commit to taking action now to change ourselves, our institution, and the way we work with and support communities. We will continue to collaborate with learners, scientists, and community members to use STEM as a tool to continue undoing systems of injustice and inequity.

In solidarity with you,

Alison Rempel Brown
President & CEO