Bring the wonder of the Science Museum directly to your school with a live presentation from a Museum educator. If you’d like to schedule an in-school or remote assembly just for your students, fill out this form!

Programs Offered

Kindergarten–Grade 2
Dinosaurs - Experience the scientific process as you observe, collect data, and compare different kinds of fossils to examine life on earth million of years ago.
Engineering - Learn what makes technology technology. Become an engineer as you test and explore options to solve a problem.
Sound - Observe how sound is made, perceived, and measured. Examine the relationship between sound and its sources.
Water - Investigate water in its various states. Discover how water moves through land and how Minnesota's seasons impact the way that it interacts with all forms of life.

Grades 3–5
Dinosaurs - (coming soon) Did a T.rex drag its tail? Using recent paleontological research, explore the lives and extinction of dinosaurs through this nature of science program.
Energy Connections - Compare various sources of energy and learn how everyday choices create demand on resources.
Engineering - Uncover how engineers design, test, and fail to create solutions for the technological world in which humans live.
Water - Consider the history of water on earth and the life cycle of a drop of water in Minnesota. Learn the surprising ways in which we interact with water and our impact on this limited resource.

Pricing and Awards

Pricing is based on one instructor. If programming needs dictate more, additional fees will apply.

Assembly pricing
Half day (up to any two programs): $600
Full day (up to any four programs): $1200

Travel costs may apply for any location 50 miles or more from the museum. Fill out the form for more details.

Festival assembly pricing
One Festival Program Day includes up to four assemblies and all travel expenses.
Festival Program Day, per instructor: $1,500.

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Awards are intended for schools where at least 50 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. All in need of reduced program or travel fees are welcome to apply by filling out the form above. Awards are subject to availability.