Nine fossils from Minnesota on display

Voting (for) Rocks

Minnesota is one of just seven US states without a state fossil! That’s why the Science Museum of Minnesota is leading the effort to name a fossil for Minnesota. There are only two rules: it has to be a fossil, and it has to be found somewhere in the state (sorry, no T. rex here).

Because students under the age of 13 can’t vote online, we created a tool that allows classrooms to vote together. Teachers can collect student’s votes and submit them online without identifying information, maintaining student privacy, while also allowing them to experience a civic process.

State fossil voting in 2021 ends on October 1st, and the winning candidate will be revealed on National Fossil Day, October 13th, 2021.

Voting (for) Rocks adds on to the voting process

In this resource, you’ll find museum-created activities and a round-up of information—from facts about the state fossil candidates and how fossils form to lessons about campaigning, voting, and next steps in the legislative process.

Although voting for Minnesota’s state fossil will only happen in 2021, this collection can be used in any election year or anytime your class is talking about elections or fossils.

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