Three wind generators can be seen in the distance with blue skies in the background and green fields in the foreground.

Turn the Crank

Grades 3-5

Electricity powers our everyday lives. But where does it come from, and how is it generated? Enter the exciting world of electricity production. Explore the benefits and challenges of energy sources through history. and the role the next generation plays now and in the future.

Available at no cost to you through June, thanks to Wells Fargo.

Program Length

Student paced. 30-minutes.

Learning Goals

  1. Energy production and use is a giant global puzzle:

    1. We all have pieces to solve it.

    2. Each piece is important, even if the pieces are small.

    3. The puzzle is so big it will never be complete, but we can make it better.

  2. Electricity is a form of energy that is made by using other forms of energy.

  3. Electricity has been and will be produced by processes that have successes and challenges, and also unanticipated consequences.